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A Decent Example Of A Research Paper About Smoking

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Smoking among teenagers

Adult fantasies and entertainment have been creeping to minors and have become a worrying trend. Regardless of the age, smoking is a health hazard and smokers know it. However, this has not stopped them from taking on cigarettes. They have continued to smoke them because they want to simulate their bodies. Companies manufacturing cigarettes advise their customers to have controlled smoking. However, not all have heeded to the advice given about the smoking of tobacco. The issue has gone from bad to worse with teenagers counting in the list of smokers found in different quotas.

What has contributed to smoking among teenagers? Well, it can be argued. There are a number of reasons that prompt teenagers to start smoking. Here is a list of a number of them:

  • Peer pressure – teens copying from others who have already began smoking within their circles.
  • Influence from parents – exposure by parents who smoke openly in the presence of their children
  • Stress and depression – smoking to relief life pressures and demands
  • Adverts from media sources – enticement coming from adverts from media sources

Smoking among teenagers is primarily caused by peer pressure and influence by other people. It is hardly a personal decision. Most of those found smoking have attributed this behavior to the above-listed factors among several others. They start out smoking as a fad but soon it becomes an addiction. However, some of the tobacco users among teenagers have successfully been able to stop smoking while others haven’t succeeded to do so. The latter groups of teenagers end up smoking even in their adulthood.

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