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A Proofread Example Of A Research Paper About teenage Pregnancy

Studies in almost every discipline have been further developed through the writing of research papers. Different authors view the same subject differently and that is why there are various papers that have taken a different approach from each other. Similarly, students are expected to write original papers defined through unique ideas on the identified topic. For instance, teenage pregnancy is a widely studied topic and there still is more to cover in the search for good information defining the issue at this age.

So, how do you make sure that your paper is unique and is worth a good grade from your professor? This is a very good question for any student who wants to excel in their studies. If you are not used to writing this kind of papers, do not worry. There are professionals who love to write papers and they could be of help to you. All you need is to have your instructions ready and forward them to an online writing agency. Let experts help you do your assignment in a professional way. Here is a sample paper on teenage pregnancy:

Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is a term used to define pregnancy among teenagers. It is an issue that has trouble societies and different groups of people. This is especially because the minors cannot support themselves financially, leave alone taking care of the young one. Teenage pregnancy has been caused by such factors as poverty and peer pressure, just to mention but a few. The effects of engaging in sexual practices at an early age begin way before even the concerned gets pregnant. The situation becomes more unbearable on getting pregnant.

Young girls have found themselves trapped in this state and it becomes a burden to them. The effects of teenage pregnancy reach far and wide and here is a list of some of them:

  1. Risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV Aids that become a problem to both the individual and the family
  2. Dropping out of school – girls not able to continue schooling following the situation that has befallen them
  3. Stress and depression – the inability to provide for the young one is always a humiliating affair that becomes a stress agent that may lead to depression as well.
  4. Burden to the society – teenage pregnancies increase the rate of dependency since the minor cannot provide for herself and the child. In the end, the society bears the burden of taking care on these unplanned pregnancies
  5. Unplanned early marriages – in some cases, the concerned may be forced to get married
  6. Health complications for both the mother and child. Due to the young age of the mother and inexperience in taking care of the young, both are at a risk of becoming sick

The ravages of teenage pregnancies are multifaceted. Some of the effects directly affected the concerned party while others directly or indirectly affect others. The biggest problem is the inability to provide for the unborn child.