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A Brief Example Of Research Paper About LGBT Community

The term LGBT refers to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community – a hotly debated topic in this age especially where the fight for human rights and freedoms is concerned. This is one of the interesting topics to write about especially if you are student pursuing studies in this area. Some parts of the world have realized success in this area but others are still struggling. Therefore, you could venture into this topic by talking about the successes that the LGBT community has had and the challenges that face some communities. If you need help to get started, you will surely find it online.

This is one of the many assignments that come in an argumentative form. If you are writing a paper on this subject, you should be able to address the issue from both sides of the coin. Get term paper help to know what others have said about this issue in the past. A sample from these places will help you excel in your final writing. Here is a perfect example of what to write in an academic assignment of this nature.

Issues that revolve around the legalization of LGBT community

Today, the LGBT community has not entirely been accepted in most parts of the world. It is still an issue even in America where people seem to be divided in opinions. Proponents of the group believe that it is their right and should not be treated unfairly just because they belong to this opinion. On the contrary those opposed to this group say that it is against the norm of the society and cannot be socially acceptable as good practice in the way human beings are generally socialized.

The issue of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community revolves around human rights and freedoms as defined through laws that govern countries. Different countries have different laws touching on the issue of marriage and the law of the land is supreme to all other laws. However, there are some grey areas when it comes to advancing the rights of each and every individual residing within that jurisdiction. When laws are specific on such matters as marriage is seen as an infringement of the rights of the people who subscribe to the philosophy of same sex marriage.

The fight for the LGBT community has continued to invite opinions and debate from different schools of thought. This community is slowly gaining support from different circles and it is no doubt that the movement will grow with proper structures put in place. However, this is highly dictated by the law set by the national government and cannot go against it. Human rights and freedoms have limitations and this has been the point of contention amongst opposing sides. Inclusivity into the society creates a liberal and democratic society that doesn’t always work for everyone.

At times, governments usually take measures that do not necessary represent the opinions of everyone but a majority of the people. The fate of the LGBT community this lies in the hands of the federal government and laws passed by the peoples’ representatives.