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An Impressive Sample Of A Research Paper About drug Addiction

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Relationship between drug addiction and juvenile delinquency

Addiction to drugs among minors is a common occurrence in many societies. This behavior is closely related to criminal behavior that has found its way to underage boys and girls. Therefore, these two are closely related. Young children engage in criminal activities to get money to sustain their newly acquired lifestyle of taking drugs. Addiction pushes them to their limits and they are left with no option other than stealing to buy these drugs. Studies have shown that these two are inseparable.

Is drug addiction the cause for increased juvenile delinquency in the society today? Well, there may be several other factors that contribute to the existence of crime activities amongst children. However, drug addiction is among the top reasons why children engage in criminal activities. Unlike their adult counterparts, minors don’t have any money to buy drugs on their own. Again, they don’t do this openly and therefore cannot ask money from their parents to gratify their drug desires. As a result, they end up stealing to make ends meet on their part.

Drug addiction is a serious problem today. Government authorities are been fighting this vice for decades. For instance in the US, the war on drugs has caught the attention of federal government and the government went ahead to establish federal laws governing the same. Children at a huge risk of getting addicted to drugs and ruining their lives at a tender age. Therefore, this has been a huge concern to authorities.

The failure to address the issue of drugs will lead to increased overdependence in the society. Drugs ruin the potential of young people and render them unproductive. It is therefore important to deal with such matters in order to save the future of the young people.